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According to the HHS interpretation of PREP Act what you described is not a willful misconduct.

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“Either regulators are incompetent or corrupted.” I keep asking, when our politicians and health authorities incorrectly asserted that the COVID-19 vaccines would stop transmission was that incompetence or corruption? I never get a response.

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Is there ANY toxin they FAILED to include in these jabs????

Feces, crap, poop, SHIT on top of all the rest of it? Wow. This is hysterical.

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Notice how so many of the papers on jab Endotoxin "Adjuvant" Harms are still locked behind paywalls.

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That’s all great now who is going to be held accountable? And punished a high hell. Nobody absolutely nobody. We’re just supposed to sweep it under the rug. Imagine if Trump did it? Hell on earth

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Here is a plethora of courageous people, who are not under the NDAs or vile blackmail- or who are simply brave enough, to speak the truth about covid, namely that it is in fact a cyber physical backbone.

Humans are a living antenna’s already, our brain IS an Interferometer and can be attacked as such

Ladies and Gentleman, we are dealing with the most demented Psychopathy ever exposed, namely "necro- molecular coronas" of cytotoxicity, sterilizing poison- whenever xenobiotic nanoparticles of metal fuse with biology in the blood - this has been documented through electron microscopy and spectroscopy - everything you need to know can be found in this substack, truly top notch quality by a french man, Xochipelli:


Dr. Ana Mihalcea (Microscopy and Transhumanism)


Astrid Stuckelberger, ex WHO pandemic oversight @Stuckelberger on Twitter

Michael Yeadon, ex chief scientist and VP of Pfizer, Pharma no.1 and chief scientist of Pfizer admits biosensors, mind control (to a degree, he has not seen Sabrinas receipts yet https://open.substack.com/pub/lionessofjudah/p/dr-mike-yeadon-comments-on-the-horrifying?r=zpm8l&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post)

Sabrina Wallace

Sabrina Wallace (Psinergy on Odysee, from the top end of the spystate, whistleblower because of her two daughters, disabled by black projects // augmented since childhood)


John Dee, ex G7 gov analyst falsified the causality hypothesis of co2 - temp. https://open.substack.com/pub/jdeeclimate?r=zpm8l&utm_medium=ios

Dominique Guillet (he translated 30 Books of John Lamb Lash) mainpage: xochipelli.fr (some of the most profound and beautiful work I have red in my life, translated amazingly with deepl and saved as pdf to share with everyone, truly the most truthful mind out there I have ever come across)

https://open.substack.com/pub/xochipelli?r=zpm8l&utm_medium=ios - the most important whistleblower of humanity, evidencing the fraud of monotheisms as well as having written 3000 pages about biosynthetic nanotechnology - as the owner of the biggest organic seed bank in the world, fighting monsanto legally for 10 years now

more Microscopy:



Now Lookoutfa Charlie is truly special, he proofs scientifically that those who hear voices or many cases of schizophrenia in general, are in fact induced by pulsed frequencies that have been recorded and he made 185 in depth videos about these remarkable findings:


The freedom doctors are the "organic version" of the save and effective lie, namely framing this netcentric warfare through electromagnetic pulses a BIOLOGICAL threat (just observe the wordings of McCullough for example) - we are dealing with TECHNOLOGY though, silicon based or biosynthetic - on the nanoscale (one millionth of a millimeter), distributed over virtually all our devices that connect with each other and within our body through hydrogel (the scaffolding material for synthetic biology), metamaterials (qdots, GO, plasmonic nanorectennas growing from dna crystals under EMF) and last but not least: the mesogens that are sprayed on us for more than 25 years now (Clifford Carnicom)

Imagination fueled with kundalini, gives total immunity to alien intrusion, the gnostics taught (the true gnostics, not the bizarre misrepresentation in mainstream media)

The destruction of our imagination is more severe to humanity than the destruction of the outside world. (Michael Ende)

"Nothing is lost. . . Everything is transformed." ― Michael Ende

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